Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mudumalai Bird Sanctuary, 6.11.2011

After a long break, we finally landed up at the Nilgiris!!!

Place : Mudumalai Bird Sanctuary (now called Tiger Reserve)

Access : Train to Coimbatore (called Kovai!!) Then a bus to Ooty, followed by another to Gudalur. This is the closest to the sanctuary.

This is an awesome bird list I'm putting up after a long time! Finally very few of the common old birds and a lot of new appearances :)

So a complete bird list of Mudumalai Bird Sanctuary (spotted by me) :

Bay-Backed Shrike
1. Little Grebe
2. Spot-Billed Pelican
3. Little Cormorant
4. Great Cormorant
5. Little Egret
6. Grey Heron
7. Purple Heron
8. Great Egret
9. Intermediate Egret
10. Cattle Egret
11. Indian Pond Heron
12. Black-Crowned Night Heron
13. Chestnut Bittern
14. Painted Stork
Blue-Capped Rockthrush
15. Asian Open-Billed Stork
16. Western Reef Egret
17. Crested Honey Buzzard
18. Crested Serpent Eagle
19. Black Kite
20. Shikra
21. Changeable Hawk-Eagle
22. Grey Junglefowl
23. Indian Peafowl
24. White-Breasted Waterhen
25. Purple Moorhen
26. Common Moorhen
27. Common Coot
28. Red-Wattled Lapwing
Changeable Hawk-Eagle
29. Blue Rock Pigeon
30. Little Brown Dove
31. Spotted Dove
32. Rose-Ringed Parakeet
33. Blossom-Headed Parakeet
34. Alexandrine Parakeet
35. Jacobin Cuckoo
36. Indian Cuckoo
37. Asian Koel
38. Greater Coucal
39. House Swift
40. Crested Treeswift
41. Little Blue Kingfisher
42. Pied Kingfisher
43. White-Breasted Kingfisher
44. Green Bee-Eater
Grey Wagtail
45. Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater
46. Indian Roller
47. Hoopoe
48. White-Cheeked Barbet
49. Crimson-Breasted Barbet
50. Lesser Yellownape
51. Golden-Backed Woodpecker
52. Black-Rumped Flameback
53. Indian Pitta
54. Indian Bushlark
55. Barn Swallow
56. Wire-Tailed Swallow
57. Large Pied Wagtail
58. Grey Wagtail
Red-Whiskered Bulbul
59. Red-Whiskered Bulbul
60. Red-Vented Bulbul
61. Black Bulbul
62. Blue-Capped Rock Thrush
63. Oriental Magpie Robin
64. Jungle Prinia
65. Ashy Prinia
64. Plain Prinia
65. Indian Robin
66. Indian Blue Robin
67. Pied Bushchat
68. White-Spotted Fantail Flycatcher
69. Kerala Laughingthrush
70. Common Babbler
Indian Blue Robin
71. Yellow-Billed Babbler
72. Jungle Babbler
73. Purple Sunbird
74. Purple-Rumped Sunbird
75. Loten's Sunbird
76. Oriental White-Eye
77. Black-Headed Oriole
78. Bay-Backed Shrike
79. Black Drongo
80. Indian Treepie
81. White-Bellied Treepie
82. House Crow
83. Jungle Crow
84. Common Myna
85. Jungle Myna
Rufous Treepie
86. Brahminy Myna
87. Scaly-Breasted Munia
88. House Sparrow

Missed out on Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Emerald Dove, Stork-Billed Kingfisher (again), Black-Shouldered Kite, Malabar Trogon.

But a successful bird-watching trip nonetheless. A lot of new bird sightings for me as well like the Bay-Backed Shrike and the Jacobin Cuckoo.

A definite recommend for all bird-watchers. Its better to spend the night there for owls and nightjars too. Sambar Deer, Sloth Bear, Dhole, Leopard, Black Panther, Asian Elephant and Lion-Tailed Macaque can also be spotted at night or early mornings (which I missed )
Western Reef Egret

Jacobin Cuckoo
Lesser Yellownape
Oriental White-Eye
Puff-Throated Babbler
White-Breasted Waterhen
White-Cheeked barbet
White-Spotted Fantail Flycatcher